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52877, 29
  Philippines (Visayas)

Personals by Heart of Asia Classic
Amazing!I love life and falling in love. I love being with children because I appreciate th...
51705, 30

mail order brides
I'm slim and loving person. I've a college diploma and going to have my degree within 3 ye...

48262, 40
  Philippines (Visayas)

Quiet, sensitive, emotional, loving, caring, sweet, honest, thoughtful, loyal, faithful, ro...

47920, 27
  Philippines (Visayas)

I'm a foxy bodied creature, fair in complexion, petite, easy to go with, ambitious....

47415, 29
  Philippines (Visayas)

I am a young and merry-going fellow who just want to write and have friends....

47331, 44
  Philippines (Luzon)

I am just simple woman to love, sweet, lovable, kind, understanding, thoughtful, sincere, h...

46870, 30

I am beautiful as you see it in my photo and also very honest....

46117, 30

I am a responsible, a confidential girl of Ethiopia. I am happy and funny and kind and pol...

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